Background to the Coptic Orthodox Church in the Scandinvian Countries.


In the middle of year 1980, three Coptic families in Sweden contacted His Grace the departed Anba Samuil to request to take part in a Coptic liturgy as well as baptizing their children. His Grace was hindered to come but promised to forward their request to His Holiness Pope Shenouda III, so that he may send a priest to pray the liturgy and offer service once per month. In order to make this possible all Copts in Sweden had to gather and prepare everything required for a liturgy.

The three families began to call around and establish a congregation. In this way the first gathering for Copts in Sweden took place at one of the Egyptian’s restaurant. In August 1980 the Holy Synod gathered and decided to establish a Coptic congregation in Sweden. After several follow up meetings the by-laws of the congregations were formulated, in order to organize the work of the congregations and elected a board. Meanwhile, the board kept in contact with His Holiness Pope Shenouda III and His Grace Anba Samuil to inform regarding the developments.

The Service, the serving priests and the pastoral visitation in chronological order during the establishment of the Congregation:

Under the leadership of H.G Bishop Abakir, the number of Coptic Churches and congregations has increased and consists of 12 churches and congregations in Sweden and 9 priests that serve these churches and their people. In Sweden, the number of members is increasing steadily in Stockholm as well as the rest of the country. The activities of the church have grown extensively and are offered to all ages. These include Sunday school, scout, youth meetings and conferences, leadership education as well as Bible studies, and other spiritual teachings.


The Coptic-Orthodox Community in Denmark is soon to celebrate its 50th jubilee. The Community has around 400 members and was founded by Egyptian immigrants in 1970. Subsequently, the church was founded and named “St. Mary and St. Mark Church”.The church building is historical and is made from wood and built in form of Noah ark symbolizing that church save us in this world. It was constructed in 1905 at Frederiksberg. In 1908 the church building was moved to Østerbro, and was finally moved to Taastrup as a Roman Catholic church that was later bought by Coptic church in 1996. Since then, the church has been undergoing an extensive renovation. The priest of the church is Father Mousa William. His Holiness Pope Tawadros II has visited the church in Denmark on September 12-13 in 2015.